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To your HELL I'd like to welcome you


Think, Dante! You’re in Limbo, she’s in the real world.

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what if that rank demon voice in dmc followed dante everywhere

he’s just fuckin this chick and then


maybe when he’s a bit down and slower it’s just


he kind of just wonders who’s doing this and it turns out fucking mundus is just sittin there under the bed with a mic or something

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make me choose: Dante’s booty or Vergil’s booty? (asked by sonntamz)

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Kat + close ups (for srkonan).

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(submitted by )

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hollowvergil & i being adults

 I laughed incredibly hard I almost died. 

eW sHut uP

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"I can already tell, looks like this is gonna be one hell of a party!"

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B L A C K  A N D  B L U E

I’ve seen much of the world. It is brutal and cruel and dark.

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I need more DmC blog to follow. Suggestions?


I think I’ve seen this exact question being asked elsewhere, but I could try. It’s just rather hard to ‘suggest’ Devil May Cry blogs only, so I’ll list a few that I can think of right off and what all they post, ‘cause like I said, it’s hard to find single fandom blogs only. Under the cut:

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Aw thanks~ happy I’m included with all the other babies! (*・∀・)爻(・∀・*)

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I don’t know my mother but if you’re calling me a son of a bitch you wouldn’t be the first;

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This just in: im a giant fricking nerd

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